라인   GIANTEC 2013-08-06
제목   Giantec Semiconductor Inc, release The Ultra Slim CSP EEPROM Download
By Giantec’s team robust work and qualified by Samsung, Giantec Semiconductor Inc. make The Ultra Slim CSP as MAX Height 300um for Slim ISM(Image Sensor Module).
 Normal CSP Height is 440um(MAX)
Giantec will provide the Ultra Slim CSP EEPROM for New Camera Module of Korea & China, Taiwan from the 2H’2013~3014.

After success of hand, Giantec have been supplied over 120,000,000pcs CSP EEPROM IC in Samsung GALAXY Note2 & Note1, S3 & S2,’s Camera Module now.
 Galaxy S4 Mini & Active, Zoom also adopted The 8Mpixel ISM with Giantec CSP EEPROM

LG also adopted Giantec CSP in their Flagship Model that G Series is Optimus G PRO & G, etc.
You can see the CSP package chip on the Coin and Giantec CSP package size is 0.9x0.78mm tiny package for over 5M~8M, 13Mpixel Camera module of SmartPhone in 2013~2014.
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