라인   GIANTEC 2014-12-10
제목   Giantec GT976X Wins Best Power Device/ Driver IC of the Year Download

November 21st, 2014, organized by EE Time China, 2014 China IC Design Awards presentation ceremony was held in Tianjin, China. Giantec GT976X was awarded Best Power Device/ Driver IC of the Year.

Giantec GT976X lens driver IC is mainly used to drive camera module within the cell phone to focus, improving image quality and reducing focusing time. GT976X owns many American patents as well as Chinese patents. GT976X is Pin to Pin compatible with mainstream products. Moreover, many features of GT976X are ahead of market. Besides improving auto focus speed over ten times, GT9761 can support ±40% VCM eigenfrequency deviation, improving cell phone camera module production yield to the best. GT9766 integrates 16K BITS EEPROM within very small package, reducing BOM cost of high-end cell phone camera modules. At present, GT976X has been adopted by many top camera module manufactures. Besides smart phones, Giantec GT976X can also be applied to digital cameras, scanners, temperature control, lighting and movement control, etc.

About Giantec

Giantec Semiconductor is a leading IC designing company dedicated to researching, developing, manufacturing and selling of high-performance and high-quality analog and digital integrated circuit products. We are an industry leading provider of EEPROM, smart card, NFC tag, VCM driver and OPA products, and are focusing on becoming a leading worldwide chip solution provider. Based on stable product performance, reliable quality and improved technical service system, Giantec has become one of the mainstream chip suppliers.

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