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제목   New Stewart Connector Line of Single and Dual Port RJ point five Connectors Download

Next Generation Ethernet Link Offering Higher Density Cabling System

Jersey City, New Jersey, October 28, 2016, Stewart Connector, a division of Bel Fuse Inc., (NASDAQ: BELFA and BELFB) is a world class supplier of connectors used in Ethernet communications. Stewart Connector proudly offers the Dual port RJ point five connector which is an extension of the single port RJ point five connector product line.

The dual port connector supports 1G Ethernet speeds for CAT5e cabling. This product doubles the port density in a typical RJ45 space, ultimately giving you 2:1 ratio of RJ point five ports to a single RJ45 port. This connector system allows for engineers to design their next generation twisted pair Ethernet systems with the flexibility of being able to increase port density to their existing equipment form factor, or to reduce the size of their equipment while still maintaining the same level of connectivity. The Dual Port RJ point five connector delivers all of these features and provides POE capabilities with Ethernet speeds up to 1G Base-T, all while allowing the customer to miniaturize their products.

Stewart Connector also offers hybrid cable assemblies that allows new equipment with the RJ point five connectivity to be linked with traditional RJ45 infrastructure all while gaining the design flexibility offered by the RJ point five’s small form factor. The RJ point five cable assemblies also offer a unique pull tab latch release for ease of removal compared to a typical RJ45 plug in high density applications. In addition the RJ point five increases ease of use when checking for equipment status and activity in a high density application, this is achieved through the use of light pipes which project the LED indicator lights to the rear of the boot which is easier to visually detect than if they were on the face of the equipment as in a traditional arrangement.

Stewart Connector helps make global connectivity a reality by manufacturing electronic components for the computer, networking, telecommunication industries and industrial applications. Partnered with the leaders in these markets, we develop new products for emerging technologies that enable high speed communication.

Your Stewart Connector sales representative can be found at http://belfuse.com/ethernet/. You can also send an email to our techhelp@belf.com for further assistance. Our RJ point five Connector System brochure can be found at http://belfuse.com/pdfs/rj.pdf
(RJ point five is a trademark of TE Connectivity used here under license.)

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