라인   BELFUSE 2017-04-18
제목   Bel Circuit Protection expands 0ZRE Series Hold Current Download

Jersey City, New Jersey, [March 22, 2017], Bel Circuit Protection, a Bel group company (NASDAQ: BELFA and BELFB) and premier global manufacturer of standard glass and ceramic cartridge fuses, announces the addition of five new ratings to the 0ZRE Series Fuse product offerings.

The 0ZRE Series has expanded the Hold Current range from 0.55A to 2A. The 240 VAC/240 Vdc ratings remain the same, which is a high voltage rating for the positive temperature coefficient (PTC). Bel Circuit Protection’s PTC devices will reset after power to the circuit is removed, the fault is cleared and power is reapplied to the circuit. The device does not require replacement after a fault event occurs. The 0ZRE Series’ resettable functionality and latching attributes make them a reliable, cost-effective circuit protection solution.

The 0ZRE Series are used in line voltage power supplies, transformers and appliances. These devices are RoHS 6 compliant and Halogen-free.

For further information on Bel Circuit Protection 0ZRE Series, please contact a sales Representative, Distributor or visit Bel Circuit Protection. You can also send an email to our techhelp@belf.com for further assistance.
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