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Big Shine Korea
is an engineering oriented sales organization. Our Philosophy is to become involved
in the initial design phases of the new programs our customers are involved in. It is during the engineering design phase that we obtain component approvals on new programs. From this point, we are able to work throught the engineering and procerement chain in order to obtain the order. We are dedicated to the pursuit
of all profitable business which will benefit the growth and profitabilith of our principals and 
Big Shine Korea.

Big Shine Korea is a strong marketing organization. We know our marketplace and maintain close
contact with all new innovations and organizations. This is done in part by experienced sales personnel,
and a good coordinated sales administration program.

We understand the importance of accurate forecastion and perform this for all of our principals. When
working together to develop a market, a close working relationship is important We welcome you into our territory for sales trips. We also make a point to make periodic visits to your manufacturing facility with our customers. We feel this builds a strong er working relationship as well as providing us with a better understanding of your sales goals and production needs.

It is our intent to develop a logn-term relationship with our principals. We feel that your product line will be compatible with the products we are presently marketing in this territory.

We feel we can give the professional representation yor desire. We are aggressive, knowledgeable and determined to expand your market share in this territory. We want to offer you our services and represent
you in south of Korea. We would like to hear from you

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